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YaNovate Fitness Lat And Lift Pulley System

YaNovate Fitness Lat And Lift Pulley System

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YaNovate Fitness Lat And Lift Pulley System


  • [3 detachable handles and exercise modes]: By changing the way the hoist buckle is connected to the cable and 3 detachable handles (including straight rods, cable handles and Tricep ropes), you can freely choose the accessories you need to achieve multifunctional training, including Shoulder deltoid muscle, back trapezius muscle, latissimus dorsi, pectoralis major, biceps, triceps.
  • [Fixed & Adjustable Cables]:Including a 70" fixed cable and a 78" adjustable cable, allowing you to choose the appropriate cable length according to your own needs and height. The cable is made of high-strength PU material and steel wire rope, which is not easy to break after long-term use.
  • [Easy to install and remove]:the fitness pulley system can be connected to the beam, pull rod, motor frame, bracket or any position where the sling can be installed. After disassembly, its small package size allows you to carry it with you, which is very suitable for camping or outdoor travel.
  • [Portable home gym training]:Our pulley system provides the function of a large cable machines, which is very suitable for people who have difficulty or impossible to go to the gym. It allows you to build a private gym at home with a small footprint, saving you Home use space.

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